About La-velle

La-Velle Clark-Halket developed an interest in golf at the age of five while playing in the backyard of his parent’s home.

Dad, Leslie said La-Velle found a 9-iron in the yard and decided to take a few swings.

”He had no previous interest or knowledge of the game but as time went by he became intrigued by it. Once we have noticed he was becoming more and more interested, we took him to a veld to hit a few balls around. Before we knew it, he had developed his own ‘swing’ and we saw he definitely had a talent.”

His parents took La-Velle to Kempton Park Golf Club where he got his first set of junior golf clubs. He was very excited and spent almost every minute outside with his new clubs.

In July 2012, La-Velle played his first tournament in the the SA Kids Golf Tournament at Kyalami Golf Club where he scored 55.

In August 2012, La-Velle took part in his next tournament through SA Kids Golf at Southdowns Golf Club. His play had radically improved. He scored 45 to come fifth.

That was only the start of his achievements in SA Kids Golf.

La-Velle’s drive exceeds 200m to 220m. The thing he practices mostly is his bunker shots.

Dad and son also play nine holes on Saturdays and Sundays and they never seem to miss this commitment.

La-Velle’s dream is to become the youngest winner of the The Masters Tournament. His idols are Ernie Els, Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson and Jim Furyk.


Born: May 01, 2005 (age 12), Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa
Full name: La-Velle Alex Clark-Halket
Handicap:  12
Caddy: Leslie Allan Clark-Halket
Mom: Melissa Fleetwood
Coach: Eben Uys

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