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Gholf-sensasie mik na grote

Hy sal teen die wêreld se beste jong spelers te staan kom

24 February 2014


DIE jong gholf-sensasie van Kemptonpark, La-Velle “BaBa” Clark-Halket, sal in Julie by die Pine Hurst Golf Resort, North Carolina, VSA, aan die US Kids Major World Championships deelneem.

Sy spel en tweede plek by die wêreldkampioenskappe in Maleisië laasjaar het hom vir die US Major Kids World Championships laat kwalifiseer, waar hy teen die wêreld se beste jong spelers te staan sal kom.

“BaBa” het ook vir die Skotland-toer einde Mei gekwalifiseer, maar hy sal nie deelneem nie omdat die US Major Championship die grote is waarvoor hy jag.

Sover die jaar op die SA Kids-toer sit BaBa tweede op die ranglys. Hy het die eerste toernooi van die nuwe seisoen by Benoni Buiteklub gewen en was tweede by Waterkloof en derde by die onlangse toernooi op Glen Vista.



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Jonges droom net gholf

Hulle het by die SA Kids Golf presteer

09 July 2013


Jonges droom net gholf - SA Kids GolfTWEE graad 2 seuns droom van gholf terwyl ander skoolkinders vakansie hou.

La-Velle Clark-Halket het ‘n tweede plek by die SA Kids Junior Tour gekry en Corne Jansen was agste. Beide is in Laerskool Kruinsig.

Hulle het by Wingate Buiteklub in Pretoria teen meer as 30 spelers in die ouderdomskategorie 7-8 jaar van regoor Suid-Afrika meegeding.

La-Velle het ‘n syfer van 44 gespeel wat hom in die tweede plek gesit het vir die dag. Corne het 51 geslaan en het ‘n agste plek gekry.

La-Velle se pa, Leslie Clark-Halket, sê vandat Eben Uys hierdie twee Kruinsig-mannetjies afrig, het hulle al groot name op die SA Kids Tour geklop.
La-Velle, wat ‘n lid is by Avionpark is, speel elke Saterdag kompetisie saam die groot manne. So ook Corne wat by Benoni speel.

Benewens dit is die twee elke dag by Living Waters Driving Range om te oefen.

Die volgende toernooi waaraan die twee gaan deelneem is op 21 Julie en in Augustus is dit die Africa Junior Challenge by Zebula Country Club, waar daar 52 lande oor vyf dae sal meeding.



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Young golfer (7) practises for world qualifier -La-Velle Clark-Halket – Living Waters Driving Range

He wants to compete against the world’s best

01 November 2012 | Annalie Anticevich


Young golfer (7) practises for world qualifierLA-VELLE Clark-Halket (7) is training hard for the world golf qualifier after failing to qualify for the European qualifier.

Clark-Halket recently started training with a new coach, Eben Uys, who is based at Living Waters Driving Range in Glen Marais.

La-Velle competed at the European qualifier on October 27 and 28 at Bronkhorstspruit Country Club. Although not qualifying, he still had among the best scores which qualified him to go to Scotland for three days to compete with the best in his age group in Scotland.

To qualify, the minimum required score over the two days was 92.
Dad Leslie said the weather on the first day did not really allow for a good round of golf, but La-Velle shot a 52.

“It was definitely also one of the most difficult courses we have played this year. Given the 52 on the first day, he had to shoot a 40 the next day to get his score of 92.

“With Eben’s expertise he lead La-Velle to a magnificent 42, which did not qualify him for the European tour, but he came in at fourth place with a score of 94, missing the requirement with two strokes.”

There are four tournaments left for the year, as the last one will be the world qualifier in December, for which Clark-Halket is training hard.

“He will not let a two-stroke shortfall in the European qualifier dampen his focus and concentration going forward,” his dad said.



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He could play golf before he could read

La-Velle Clark-Halket – Sa Kids Golf – He strives to become the youngest winner of the Masters

10 September 2012 | Annalie Anticevich


He could play golf before he could readA seven-year-old golf player strives to become the youngest winner of the Masters.

La-Velle Clark-Halket, who started his school career this year, developed an interest in golf at the age of five while playing in the backyard of his parent’s home.

Dad Leslie said La-Velle found a 9-iron in the yard and decided to take a few swings.

”He had no previous interest or knowledge of the game but as time went by he became intrigued by it. Once we have noticed he was becoming more and more interested, we took him to a veld to hit a few balls around. Before we knew it, he had developed his own ‘swing’ and we saw he definitely had a talent.”

They took La-Velle to Kempton Park Golf Club where he got his first set of junior golf clubs. He was very excited and spent almost every minute outside with his new clubs.

In May La-Velle took part in his first tournament at Kempton Park Golf Club. “He made an amazing putt on the fifth hole which made him the talk of the tournament, as it actually was a tournament for 10-13 year olds.”

In July La-Velle played in the the SA Kids Golf Tournament at Kyalami Golf Club where he scored 55, which put him at at ninth place in his age group out of 112 participants.

In August La-Velle took part in his next tournament through SA Kids Golf at Southdowns Golf Club. His play had radically improved. He scored 45 to come fifth.

Clark-Halket said La-Velle drives well and exceeds 200m to 220m. The thing he practices mostly is his bunker shots.

Dad and son also play nine holes on Saturdays and Sundays and they never seem to miss this commitment.

Clark-Halket said La-Valle’s dream is to become the youngest winner of the The Masters Tournament. His idols are Ernie Els, Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson and Jim Furyk.

He recently started with golf lessons with Craig Lavita, a coach at Kempton Park Country Club. “We believe this will only lead to a more disciplined approach to the game, on and off the field,” Clark-Halket said.


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